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Community Purchase

Community Buyout - Douglas Support Estate

The Viewpark Conservation Group wish to acquire the Douglas Support estate for the benefit of the community.

Our aim is to have open space accessible initially by the local community, for recreational use.  In time, a wider audience would access the estate from the M8/A8 and from the cycle track that passes through the estate.

The current land use across The Historic Douglas Support Estate has been divided for the purposes of this report into three broad zones. North of the M8, the site is dominated by farmland characterised by improved grassland fields, several of which were until recently grazed by cattle and horses. The southern part of the site is characterised by elements of a designed landscape associated with the Douglas Support Estate, including woodland and open ground, the latter former parkland and gardens, until a few years ago used in part for grazing cattle. Within the central part of the site are the landscaped remains of two coal mines.

Initially, the northern section (about 55 acres) will remain as farmland providing some rental income. In time, the establishment of a garden centre and reception area, with associated interpretation facilities, might be constructed, possible making use of the farmhouse. Footpaths will be signposted through the area, making use of existing routes. The main access road runs through this area.

The southern part (around 170 acres) will be restored as parkland by clearing areas that have become overgrown and returning paths to a useable condition. A variety of uses for the open areas is being considered, including a touring caravan site and fishing pond, but the overwhelming view expressed in our survey was that the estate be used for recreation and wellbeing, connected to nature and for inter-generational use.

We wish to develop an interpretation experience of the history, culture and natural environment of the area, encouraging exploration and understanding.

In July 2018, the charity sunmited a Stage One application for funding to the Scottish Land Fund. This will enable a full feasability study to be made, and a business plan to be developed.

A copy of the proposal is here>>>